Hunch is a strategic innovation practice


The problem we solve


The pace of change continues to accelerate. Companies increasingly incentivise in-year performance over long-term investment. Business fashion favours innovation stunts over substance.

Big businesses matter. They are life-blood of our economy and the beating-heart of our communities. When they thrive, we all win.

But in focusing so much on incremental, near-term activity, businesses are ill-equipped for the seismic disruption ahead.


Our intent

Hunch exists to give senior leaders the confidence to be disruptors, not the disrupted.

By applying proprietary methods, our diverse practice of strategists, sense-makers and service designers unearth unique perspectives. By bringing together compelling commercial rationale with emotionally-resonant storytelling, we give leaders the confidence to disrupt.


Our service lines

By deeply understanding future opportunity, we can shape meaningful & distinctive growth strategy. Confidence in our readiness & right-to-win ensures that near-term propositions take a purposeful step towards a bigger ambition, rather than responding to the fashion and fads of shallow innovation.



Pathfinding provides the rich context in which we understand customer, commercial and competitive opportunities. Our Deep Hunch philosophy integrates weak signals from the edge of the market, creating belief by immersing stakeholders in tomorrow’s key growth domains.



Strategy establishes a clear & compelling north-star vision & ambition, and the growth manifesto to make it real. Once confidence in the opportunity is matched by belief in a distinctive & differentiated vision, we can frame the growth plan & design DNA that will ensure more purposeful design & investment.



Our pioneering DARE design model ensures that near-term propositions are a purposeful step towards the future ambition. Constrained only by customers’ ‘adjacent possible’, we break the resigned incrementalism MVP, and challenge the business to invest in next-gen capabilities, to ensure they truly seize the opportunity – both in the near & long-term.


Our clients

We work with many of Europe’s most important businesses, to deliver next-generation services to millions of companies & consumers.